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  1. Type of Attraction
  2. ACTORS V.S. ANIMATRONICS: The ultimate face off
  3. Theatrical Contact Lens 69.00 per pair includes shipping
  4. Looking for Actors/Partners in Central Ohio
  5. Tips for a Witch
  6. More truth came out today, you can't handle the Truth!?
  7. Quite a compliment!!!
  8. What do you play?
  9. Don't you just hate
  10. Friday the 13th- Anything unlucky happen?
  11. My Little Bit Of Oct.31st Fun.
  12. Slidders
  13. Advice!
  14. looking for monster volunteers near powhatan,va
  15. GHOST event in Dallas, TX Saturday, April 28th 7:00-11:00PM
  16. new for actors
  17. Where Else Can You Hear The Ravens Grin Tour?
  18. test
  19. Nightmare on Grayson Street
  20. Illinois
  21. The USS Nightmare wants you!!!
  22. The Darkness Wants You!
  23. Actors needed
  24. Deadly Intentions is looking 4
  25. Virginia?
  26. Animatronic Talking Skull
  27. Actors Needed in Ohio
  28. San Antonio fiesta texas/Halloween
  29. Actors / Makeup needed - Colorado Springs - Haunted Mines
  30. Michigan haunt looking for actors!
  31. Melville NY haunted mansion of melville looking for actors
  32. advice
  33. What's your favorite scare?
  34. so were getting close.....
  35. Slider Equipments?
  36. Looking for advice
  37. Haunt is Southern California opening soon
  38. How do you scare?
  39. Helpful tips
  40. Line Advice...
  41. A face for my costume
  42. Face is here fellow ghouls....
  43. Need Help
  44. Need QueLine ideas
  45. How to scare people as JASON VOORHEES
  46. How Realistic Can You Be?
  47. How much to Pay
  48. going the distance
  49. werewolf transformation ideas....anyone?
  50. Haunt actors...want to be more?
  51. Too old to Scare???
  52. I need help
  53. "History Of The Joke"
  54. Become a Haunt Actor?
  55. Sanitarium Haunted House Myspace
  56. Actors needed for Sanitarium 2008
  57. President of The Actor's Studio Guild
  58. Getting Yourself Ready To Act.
  59. Clown House Ideas?
  60. Intro section?
  61. CFX Mask?
  62. Got a question
  63. I need a makeup tip.
  64. Advice on what to say?
  65. Wearing an Oversized Costume
  66. Punched and Kicked
  67. UV Reactive Makeup
  68. House of Torment now recruiting.
  69. Sparkies?
  70. What to do/say
  71. Need help finding outfits...
  72. warmups & stretching beforehand
  73. Need Advice-Having Tough Skin in this Industry
  74. Actors / Makeup Artists - Colorado Springs - Haunted Mines
  75. Advise on what to say as an actor.
  76. need some lines here!!
  77. looking for a contact for a local cleveland artist?
  78. Auditons for Long Island, NY Haunted House
  79. let's do some thinking, actors...
  80. need quotes to put on my room walls
  81. How to wield a chainsaw?
  82. Am I a hypocrite
  83. Drop panel lines
  84. Character tips/suggestions?
  85. What should i do?
  86. what to say...help now
  87. Hey guys, need help...
  88. This just doesn't make much sense...
  89. my life
  90. snappy comebacks
  91. guys i need help with tips on building this
  92. More Dates Added For Sanitarium!!
  93. What scares you most about clowns?
  94. Edible Innards
  95. Our review was published....wow...
  96. Dentist makeup/scene lines
  97. Is it an obsession
  98. Hi, let me introduce myself
  99. "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!"
  100. Hi, let me introduce myself
  101. Good Quality Fake Blood
  102. Favorite tactic
  103. Tell me about your character?
  104. Some of the vetrans please post your ideas: a haunting manual
  105. Haunt Actors Who Amused Us, Surprised Us.
  106. Rip Chris Lumpkin Georgia
  107. Darkness Haunted House Tour...
  108. Are there any sliders out there?
  109. Creating a really SICK character
  110. Heckles and twitch....how?
  111. Crossdressing Fear?
  112. A good Book?
  113. Acting:Customer Defined.
  114. A Patron's Confession:
  115. What Does A Customer Need To Get Scared?
  116. The Problem with portraying a well known movie character...
  117. Custom Costume
  118. You wanna to know about Damien Reaper
  119. Manipulate larger groups for max scare
  120. An elusive prosthetic.
  121. Cheap theatrical contact lenses?
  122. The Scream team!
  123. Worst "In the dark injury"
  124. Recovering the Scare
  125. Defining what We are about to do...
  126. Movement expercise.
  127. Haunted House Acting
  128. Asking the actors what they want...
  129. Working with Volunteer Actors
  130. The Acting Test= Outrageous Stories!
  131. Want A "Real" Vampire Look?
  132. Real Phone Screams
  133. Young Haunt Actor Training?
  134. I Keep Scaring people!?
  135. Hauntertainer University
  136. Where does all of that blood come from?
  137. Pet Peeves
  138. time to kill
  139. Tonight's Question:??
  140. Ever Use any Super-Cheap "Costumes?"
  141. Last Night= Boy Scouts then The Rowing Team
  142. Improv Actors Apply
  143. When is it too much?
  144. What's your best line/script/ad lib?
  145. Professional Haunt actors needed to apply..
  146. Haunted house blog
  147. questions from the new guy
  148. What Music Gets You Pumped Up To Scare?
  149. Need someone to help train your actors?
  150. Costumes! Size? Buy or make?
  151. I quit!!!
  152. valley of fear
  153. Scare Shape.
  154. Need some help from actors/makeup artist
  155. new shout on Corpse Cast ,Her name is Granny!
  156. Tis (almost) The Season
  157. getting fired from your job
  158. HORNS like Darkness, from HHN!!!
  159. Chainsaws!!!
  160. Any stunt actors? Any haunts using extreme stunting?
  161. Question for actors
  162. I am done with gore. (Kind of)
  163. Odd scares.
  164. TX Screampark paid positions
  165. Closet Scare
  166. what do you do in between scares??
  167. Make-up Help + Tips??!
  168. Most Embarrassing moment!!!...
  169. Best Scare!!!
  170. Easy Fork in Head
  171. A Fun-Drunk Tonight!
  172. What % of Haunts Tell a "Story"?
  173. Am I In Good Company Here?
  174. Make up artist question
  175. Do You Get To "Act"?
  176. "E" Is For "Energy"
  177. Websites to get premade sliding gloves/gear?
  178. GETTinG In Shape For The Season
  179. best paint for airbrush makeup?
  180. Halloween Costume Contest!
  181. My REcoup From the Weekend
  182. Suggestions for lines for an evil minister?
  183. Who makes the best slider pads & gloves?
  184. First Day
  185. I need character ideas fast
  186. Cool Character Idea?
  187. Make Up
  188. Totally pumped!
  189. My first job
  190. Pet Peeves!!
  191. been awhile but my season so far
  192. Any GOOD clown names?
  193. Hand Props????
  194. Aluminum Baseball Bat holder
  195. A WTF?! Moment
  196. Looking for a Business Partner for new Haunt in Denver.
  197. do you hang out after a night of fun??
  198. Gas masks...
  199. Actors Coming Into "Their Own"
  200. A Few Memorable Moments From Halloween Night ...
  201. best/funniest reactions from a scare
  202. Big smile = scared to death!!!
  203. Haunted acting troupe
  204. Actor trainer wanted
  205. Character/Costume Ideas
  206. To "Scare" can be to "Hunt"
  207. Costume Idea
  208. what halloween movies you like??
  209. Need suggestions for a name
  210. Preventing the Flu - the haunter's way
  211. Some Audience Last Night!
  212. Youthfull Enthusiasm Didn't Walk In.
  213. found a pic of this year...
  214. "People!!" Argh!
  215. Looking for a Haunt Gig in MICHIGAN
  216. costume help
  217. ATTENTION Colorado Haunters!!!
  218. Will be seeing some fun!
  219. You wonder??
  220. Prerequisite for haunt workers in Ill.
  221. Last Night-April 9th !!!!!!
  222. Off Season actvities
  223. "Dan" was here last night
  224. It's The TRUTH!
  225. Black out
  226. Acting and Ego
  227. Wacky Last Night!
  228. Colorado Haunters Association
  229. Survey Question:Ever been scared?
  230. A Warm, Fuzzy Feeling..with no fuzz.
  231. Actors needed for the Largest Haunted attraction in Wisconsin
  232. I Was In Good Voice Tonite!
  233. "Day Of The Zombie"?
  234. Finally Old Enough!
  235. FUN Again Tonight!
  236. Haunt Actors Horror Storys
  237. What is your preference and why?
  238. Lose One Thing At A Time
  239. So, who trains your actors?
  240. Last Night:6-23-10
  241. Need help with this costume (kind of off topic, but you're my people!)
  242. Making Masks?
  243. What A Great Audience Tonight!
  244. "Hard To Define It"
  245. A New Description!
  246. I wasn't sure last night
  247. Acting troupes, do you use them at your haunt?
  248. Inspiration question?
  249. Haunted House Accent
  250. Actor of the Night/Week?