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  46. MWC 09 Damien Reaper Will be there at The Ball and Convention and for many years
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  63. Search is on for the Scariest Woman!
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  65. spooky voices and voiceovers/sound design
  66. Haunt bus tour nearly sold out
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  77. Rooms added to block at Sold Out Midwest Haunters
  78. Hyatt sold out - Adding new hotels to the room block
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  80. Just 4 weeks away the Midwest Haunters Convention is coming fast
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  83. MHC is just a week away, here are a few updates
  84. MHC 2013 Bus Tour planning has started
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  86. Unit 70 Studios opens on Friday night during MHC for tours
  87. Events - Bus Tours - Party on Friday June 7
  88. Friday All Day Paranormal Ghost Tour
  89. Pre-convention bus tour tickets on sale now $269 - 20 haunted attractions in 2 days
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  92. End of March updates for MHC - Rooms Sold out & limited rooms remaining
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  95. Why Doesn't Scarefactory show?
  96. Haunt Actors Needed "Down-Under" in Australia...
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  98. Friday Night Frights - ScareFactory & ScareAtorium & 13th Floor Entertain Group
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