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  1. New Reality show to air late sept! America's Haunted House!
  2. Just wondering......
  3. MHC vs Transworld
  4. Are two heads really better then one?
  5. Question
  6. What makes a Pro Haunt?
  7. opening new haunt
  8. Lighting Simulators
  9. scaring up actors
  10. The National Alliance on Mental Illness vs The Haunt Industry...
  11. Masks or Prosthetics?
  12. Did we scare our customers away?
  13. What’s your Favorite theme…
  14. Use of symbols…
  15. is the haunt industry doomed?????
  16. Chrome props and sets
  17. Slabworx- any good?
  18. Megahaunt vs Mid vs Small
  19. Megahaunt vs Mid vs Small Part2
  20. are overusing strobe lights nessasary?
  21. Volunteers and Federal Labor Laws
  22. Transworld 2015 Symposiums (Symposia?)