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    I park my car.

    A mere 2 blocks from Ravens Grin on Rt. 78 . People see it, often stop, take pictures of it, walk around it, look it over. There are easy instructions painted on it showing them how to get to my...
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    "Amazing Props?" = Amazing Dumpster-Diving!

    Old steel pipe,plastic pipes, rebar, conduit. makesome "bodies" drill holes in the pipe, bolt the pipes together , dress it with old clothes from a dumpster or a "Goodwill" type place, 25cents for a...
  3. About Ten years ago...

    Ravens Grin had a young woman working here who wore a party dress, had blondish hair , sort of a thin girl. She carried a dollie. She acted nuts.. then we began to get complaints about her because se...
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    I was "Invited"

    To such a thing many years ago, it was actually just a "Come work for me for nothing" Build-off. I already had no money-nothing, I didn't need and didn't wish to have even more debt, I stayed home...
  5. Then There are the Liars & Idiots

    "12.00!? Last time I was here two years ago you were only charging $7.00!"
    "No we have been at $12.00 for these last 5 years, and the 4 years before "12" we were at $10.00 for 3 years."

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    Then there was the Guy...

    Who had a Body Shop but he was renting, he saved and saved, located an old gas station at the edge of town for his new place. While checking out the land ownership at the County Courthouse, a woman...
  7. It does Work Like This:

    You charge $10 for your haunt ticket, everything is working out well for you. Next season a haunt springs up in the old woods next a park. they only charge $3.00.
    I want to see a Haunt! Jr. begs,...
  8. The Last TV Show

    We did not get to see it. They sent us the show-info to our merchandise page of our website.
    What we saw of it as it was being filmed here looked very cheesey/stupid. I am sure that almost nobody...
  9. Doing it too well? Or not good enough?

    Entertaining people. I have had so many people return to go through Ravens Grin after having been here once ten years ago. Or 12, or 15 or 18 years ago.
    I am perplexed. Did I over-dose them with my...
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    EWverything has changed in advertising

    What used to work is about a zero anymore. Just still expensive!
    One thing that did work here for many years were Bus Stop bench ads. I only had one, right at the edge of the one Missiisssipi River...
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    Problems via it's very nature.

    Warm air goes up, cold air falls. How high and how low are the top and bottom of the slide to be? Humidity condenses half way, can bring bodies to a quick halt, equalling no thrill, extra hazard as...
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    Ravens Grin OPEN Every Night, all year.

    In Oct. I put up a 20 by 10 Car tent I own. Securing it to the parking lot so it won't blow away is the most work. I sometimes built a wooden and plastic combination, thinking for the pure safety of...
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    Ravens Grin Inn-"Acting"

    Entering the 27th year of having my haunt open for almost every night for 27 years.
    Last night ten vict,.er customers showed up here, only one of them had been here before but that was 10 years...
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    Real Scare='s No Make-up!

    Do actually scary types of people wear make up? A psycho-cross-dressing killer may? Some may wish I was wearing make up , trading that "look" for my natural 65 year old wrinkled ugliness! No Mask...
  15. I have been trying to ...

    Define and figure out the whole "customer" thing since before "Day-One" of me wanting to have a haunt.
    What has changed over the last many years? Everything! How many hours do our potential patrons...
  16. We All Do What We Can.

    We all have our own limitations , Time, money, Ambition and other numerous factors that tend to keep us somewhat down a level, if there is such a thing? Me being a one-man show most of the year I...
  17. What a Lot Of Work!

    If anybody thinks any differently, they must be a 10 year-old! (or maybe 8?)
    WOW! Adam!
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    So.. you used to have

    .. a pumpkin head .. and now you don't? Did your head shrink or what?
    just idly wondering, not that important.
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    Well, here...

    Today it's 48 degrees right now at 6:10 PM with some rain.. BUT Sunday it's supposed to be 70 DEGREES!!
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    "It's Spring Break!='s Customers!

    These last two nights we have had "people" because it is their Spring Break.
    Tonight one young woman who has just become a Lawyer was here. She has been coming here since she was 8 years old . She...
  21. Thread: Photo Ops

    by Jim Warfield

    "Why You Doing That?"

    Making a pteradactl skeleton and hanging it on the outside of your haunted house? You're giving them something for Free!"
    "Well, you have to give them something for "free" to get them interested in...
  22. Better Have A "Ghost Predictor"

    Or the camera might not be ready or quick enough because things sometimes happen when You are not ready. (Frommy own experiences)
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    Good Idea!

    moving the air bag to just the lower half of the body (next to their own internal "Air-Bag") Since most people do wear clothing in October that covers most all of their lower bodies, infectious...
  24. If You Could Hypnotize

    .. all of those who got you for a hugely discounted price into forgetting all about it, then go for it(maybe?)
    Once they get you for cheap, they will be bugging you about regaining that "cheap', no...
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    We once had a shirt problem

    We would order the shirts, he would print our design on maybe three or four different colors of shirts because that was all he happened to have. The problem with this was a customer would see a...
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