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  1. Thank You

    Thank You Kevin, Cristal, and the rest of the GG team, we got our puppet a little while ago and are very pleased. We are just a home haunt (working towards for charity) but the addition of iGore...
  2. that is funny, not the situation

    that is funny, not the situation
  3. that does suck, we enjoyed it too!

    that does suck, we enjoyed it too!
  4. Interested in lights and other items

    Please send me text at 916-806-1961 or an email at dustin2471@yahoo.com interested in the lights, and some of the static prop items.

    thank you.
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    A small time haunters view of the show

    This was our second year attending, we enjoyed the show so much more this year than last, and we really enjoyed last years show.

    As a pretty good home haunt, I like most people on Thursday &...
  6. thank you!

    Thanks for the reply, maping out places to stop by, Ted Drewes is a must! Also going to try the Candy Shoppe it was on Man Vs food for its malt shakes and then also one of the wests best BLT's
  7. Whats the name of this place, bringing my wife...

    Whats the name of this place, bringing my wife and she's a foodie, this might make her happy and then allow me to spend a couple $$

    Thank You
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    mechanics lien

    Not sure, but sounds like you built them a web-page? Is it still up? Even if its not up, for the cost of your time you can make another web page, using your knowledge and some SEO, tell your story,...
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