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    Thanks -

    Thanks, but I have plenty of skulls - was looking for one that was already made and ready to go :) Too many other projects to finish before adding another one on top - Thanks though.
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    Looking for talking skull -

    We were getting ready to purchase one of the talking skulls from Fright Props - but thought I would check here first and see if anyone has one for sale? We have a few of the old "Talking Boris"...
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    PM sent - Thanks

    PM sent - Thanks
  4. Anyone heard of this company??? The Crypt Design

    I just received an email from a company called "The Crypt Design" offering "high end" decorations - So I took a look, it looks like they offer "unpainted" plastic busts like the ones you used to be...
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    Overdone - Who cares, if it works use it.

    So Darkangel - with your very helpful post I am assuming you have groundbreaking ideas that have never been seen before? If a dot room is overdone then guess everyone should stop using chainsaws,...
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    I would try George Maser - He makes similar mazes...

    I would try George Maser - He makes similar mazes and may sell you a couple curtains - http://forum.hauntworld.com/showthread.php?21424-Maser-Maze-pictures
  7. Thanks everyone for the help!!

    Thanks everyone for the help!!
  8. That was my original thought but we were using...

    That was my original thought but we were using 1/4 tubing and couldn't find any flanges that size - Guess I could always up the tube size if needed.
  9. Bug Spitter / Air prop - Need suggestions

    Sorry for the post in two sections - Doesn't look like the tech sections gets many views :)

    So we are creating a hallway with all kinds of creepy crawlies for a new side haunt. I had an idea of...
  10. Bug Spitter / Air prop - Need suggestions

    So we are creating a hallway with all kinds of creepy crawlies for a new side haunt. I had an idea of using several air lines on both sides of the hallway to bombard the guests with tiny blasts of...
  11. Scream Team

    Have you tried "The Scream Team" the clown prosthetic one is I believe what is used - I remember when "Heckles & Twitch" wore the same style.....Tremmors and Flinch seem to be a copy of them, even...
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    Night Terror Productions - Some Praise!

    Just wanted to throw some vendor good news out there for once - Last year we ordered a silicone mask from Night Terror Productions, the mask was great but ended up getting a tear when we used it for...
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    Snarls, Growls, Etc.

    My advice to all our actors is practice - Sit at home and just make sounds, experiment with different noises. Start low and soft don't try to just be as loud as possible, find a range of sounds first...
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    Pool Noodles

    I just picked up a full case the other day at a local dollar store - 42 to a case :) Tiki Torches are something else we tend to grab a few of just for outdoor / swamp scenes.
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    Years ago we had a Fire Marshall that told us we could only use drywall - at the time I didn't know any better so I did as told and did our whole haunt from drywall - It held up better than expected...
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    All for it -

    Two years back Transworld allowed my daughter to come to the show - at the time she was 13 years old. She has been involved in our haunt for years and does at least the same if not more work then the...
  17. Wasn't wasting time -

    I don't think we were aiming to waste your time - You said you have had 33 emails asking prices of items - Sounds like it would have been faster to just add the prices to the items rather than answer...
  18. Prices -

    You say the link shows prices - Am I missing something, I don't see any prices listed.
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    Might be helpful...

    It might help bring in some offers if you gave a rough estimate of what your looking for price wise - Maybe give a high end price and go from there on offers. I have seen "Death Mask" molds go for...
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    Surprising -

    I find it surprising that there are really no portable voice changers out there - I remember at least 12 years ago one of the local costume shops had a HUGE grim reaper costume that had a portable...
  21. No listing yet -

    We paid at the show for our featured listing and it is not showing - When I log in to the account it asks me to pay to be featured. I have tried emailing Julie Sutton but have received no replies....
  22. Thread: Photo Ops

    by Evernight

    Photo Op -

    Last year we set up a small photo op for customers to take pictures of themselves in - It had our haunt sign overhead and we placed two large prop creatures inside for them to pose with - We placed a...
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    Featured Haunt Access

    Just wanted to see if there is any update on when we will be able to access and modify our haunt listings on Hauntworld - We purchased a featured haunt spot but seems we are unable to change or...
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    Not so much a decline...as a change...

    Here in Northern Michigan I have not seen a huge decline in Trick Or Treater's - What I have seen is a change in how it's done - in Traverse City and the surrounding areas they set a time allowed for...
  25. Great year here in Northern Michigan -

    We actually had a great year despite some nights where it rained so much it actually flooded into our haunt - We did almost 1,000 more people than the previous year, which was our first year at our...
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