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  1. Haunted Trail on Golf Course...Any ideas?

    Greetings to all,

    In October, a friend and I will be turning his golf course into a haunted trail attraction....I have experience with Indoor Haunts, but am stumped as to what I can do to make a...
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    cool film used prop on ebay

    I'm selling an amazing bust on ebay. It was used in John Carpenter's "Vampires" and it's one of the best props I've ever owned. Do a search for" Film Used Zombie Vampire Prop" to check it out.
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    I love people like you, who refuse to believe in...

    I love people like you, who refuse to believe in anything...All of those people who were seen in the reaction shots were real people........
  4. Well, the reason that I got out of the film...

    Well, the reason that I got out of the film business in the first place, is that Producers really didn't care about how realistic things looked, and I felt that I couldn't work those long hours on...
  5. Pet Peeve: Jerky and fake looking animatronics

    I have noticed that even in Haunted houses that claim to be the scariest in the nation, That the animatronics ALL seem to move in a totally fake way and this drastically lessens one's ability to...
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