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    Fortunately or unfortunately?

    I talk and make numerous other noises with my voice for 2 to 3 hours at a time here as I tell them stories, show them things that need comedic explanations.
    One thing that I happened to accidently...
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    An Actual "Haunt Town?

    See a detailed map of Iowa. Find Clinton, Iowa, it's on the Mississippi River.. IF your map is very detailed, North of Clinton is a "Spot-in-the-road town there it is called "Haun Town" but when you...
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    I Would Think...

    The Seven footer would become the most popular simply because then the body on it could be almost completely hidden, then almost completely exposed!
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    A Whole New "Threat!"

    Have you read what may happen to electrical rates if a certain Bill gets passed? Electricity rates could jump by 70 to 80 %!!
    We have to clean-up our coal plants (But who will make China clean up...
  5. Use a Wall.

    I have a wall the customers walk down one side of it, but they also have the option of heading the opposite direction.
    I can "Cover both of these options by myself, without moving or running...
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    How my "Financing" arrived.

    I have recently begun telling my Ravens Grin audiences how I was able to buy my place, even though I had No momey.
    I began by approaching a few people in this small town who had some "money". They...
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    Might What We Do..

    Be considered "Rude",scaring total strangers, afterall!?
    I am personally attempting to change any such perceptions about my scaring some customer (who has paid to be here) who is within "range".
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    Several things help me

    "Maintain my enthusiasm here. Most of my place is, (I think) very lit up compared to other haunts. This means I get to very easily "SEE" people's reactions to what ever I do. A good reaction always...
  9. Larry will stop for a White Castle!

    Here we only have "Dingy Peasant Hut" burgers (or are they "Dingy Peasant HUNT" burgers?
    "A stringy, grissley old peasant in every mouthfull!"
    "With all the trimmings! Nails, toenails, hair, ears...
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    Maybe Subcontracting?

    OK, have a look at the monitor. See them? There is the next group coming in here, so what am I bid?
    "I'll take them for $12.95."
    "I want them, I'll do it for $10.95!"
    "Anyone going to bid lower...
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    Still Going at 65.. requires..

    A big house full of a ton of walking to do to get a group through the house. (Harder to "Rot away" if you are "Moving"!)
    The growth spurt of everything green in nature keeps me very busy all...
  12. A 357 and no open toed shoes.

    I know an outdoor haunt who had large medical bills because a woman was wearing open-toed sandals and she mangled some toes on a tree root.
    "Security"? A 357 Magnum with blanks keeps customers ON...
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    Being OPEN helps.

    Being OPEN every night of the entire year, that is. (27th year, this year.)
    So no real surprise that we have had numerous people from all over the World come here.
    Some of those from far away...
  14. Helping My Town, just doing what I do.

    A website for Travel rates towns and locations. they rated my town Mount Carroll, Illinois as one of the best small towns, and the article mentioned my house as one of the good things here!
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    "Nuts, bolts, paint, wood, Wiring.

    You can work yourself (and others ) into the ground creating the haunt structure. You can spend tons of money buying the things you might have to buy (rather than build yourself) When it's all done...
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    I park my car.

    A mere 2 blocks from Ravens Grin on Rt. 78 . People see it, often stop, take pictures of it, walk around it, look it over. There are easy instructions painted on it showing them how to get to my...
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    "Amazing Props?" = Amazing Dumpster-Diving!

    Old steel pipe,plastic pipes, rebar, conduit. makesome "bodies" drill holes in the pipe, bolt the pipes together , dress it with old clothes from a dumpster or a "Goodwill" type place, 25cents for a...
  18. About Ten years ago...

    Ravens Grin had a young woman working here who wore a party dress, had blondish hair , sort of a thin girl. She carried a dollie. She acted nuts.. then we began to get complaints about her because se...
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    I was "Invited"

    To such a thing many years ago, it was actually just a "Come work for me for nothing" Build-off. I already had no money-nothing, I didn't need and didn't wish to have even more debt, I stayed home...
  20. Then There are the Liars & Idiots

    "12.00!? Last time I was here two years ago you were only charging $7.00!"
    "No we have been at $12.00 for these last 5 years, and the 4 years before "12" we were at $10.00 for 3 years."

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    Then there was the Guy...

    Who had a Body Shop but he was renting, he saved and saved, located an old gas station at the edge of town for his new place. While checking out the land ownership at the County Courthouse, a woman...
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    It does Work Like This:

    You charge $10 for your haunt ticket, everything is working out well for you. Next season a haunt springs up in the old woods next a park. they only charge $3.00.
    I want to see a Haunt! Jr. begs,...
  23. The Last TV Show

    We did not get to see it. They sent us the show-info to our merchandise page of our website.
    What we saw of it as it was being filmed here looked very cheesey/stupid. I am sure that almost nobody...
  24. Doing it too well? Or not good enough?

    Entertaining people. I have had so many people return to go through Ravens Grin after having been here once ten years ago. Or 12, or 15 or 18 years ago.
    I am perplexed. Did I over-dose them with my...
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    EWverything has changed in advertising

    What used to work is about a zero anymore. Just still expensive!
    One thing that did work here for many years were Bus Stop bench ads. I only had one, right at the edge of the one Missiisssipi River...
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