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  1. Poll: Figures don't lie....

    ..but liars know how to figure. What was my start up investment? Good question. I already had the farm land. I signed my name to a land contract to buy neighboring farm of my dads while going to...
  2. Krazy Kristen & floor tiles will deliver to St. Louis

    Distortions Krazy Kristen- used but good $1500. Three floor tiles new never used. Asking $1200. They are in Michigan but would deliver to Transworld in a few weeks. Private message me if...
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    Rope use

    Hey Karl;

    Saw you used short ropes that you intended groups to hold onto to stay together. Had thought of trying that on our haunted trail so group stayed closer together for actors benefit. How...
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    Avoiding mutiny...

    Adam -I know I told you to let someone else buy Possessed Wall Jumper. But I am facing mutiny here with some of crew if I do not bring that home from Transworld as well. So plan on that going to...
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    Stumbled across your new website yesterday

    I was looking for Slither info and at first I thought I was on some imposter website. Looks good.

    Wicked Farmer
  6. Oh heck...

    Now I am going to get into depreciation and tie it into other things animations do. Other tangents like Gore Galore has been trying to show how giant costumes are not just a scare thing but...
  7. You missed it.

    This wasn't about actors vs. animatronics. Thread starter asked about certain props. Then "props break down " and "cheaper" as compared to actors was introduced. I do not think there is anyone on...
  8. Monsterwax has kept me up at night thinking...

    Now after I talked about "breakdown/reliability" of actors. Lets look at the other part of the post. Something about actors would be cheaper. Stay tuned...I'm going to give that a serious look as...
  9. Got to go with mix. All have advantages and...

    Got to go with mix. All have advantages and disadvantages. But the "and they break down too" well knock on wood I have been very fortunate in using them 10 years or so. But actors.....while I love...
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    No No No Deathwing..

    You have to wait until Transworld show floor to decide what to buy! You can't risk buying things before the show and then not have money left to buy the new "SUPER DUPER CRAP SCARER". I mean if...
  11. More info:

    I Pm'd ScaryMovie yesterday. He is a yard haunt. No maze or walkthrough. Told him I had a Spitting Debbie for sale even but Chairscreamer or dropping flailer that is hidden behind a banner or...
  12. I'll second Farmers posting

    http://www.poisonprops.com/dk824-dropping-kid-flailer/ is very much like the clown flailer I have used. And I know it will be at Transworld, (might still be available to take home). Dropping out...
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    Well....that explains a few things. Wicked...

    Well....that explains a few things.

    Wicked farmer
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    And then there was one...

    Make that he has one left. Got your email Pickle and yes on adding the saw to my barrel kit.

    Wicked Farmer
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    Realm of Darkness

    I am headed to Realm of Darkness in Pontiac Michigan Sat. night. Taking wife and daughter and her boyfriend to Valentines Day Massacre. www.TheRealmofDarkness.com

    Wicked Farmer
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    Thanks for extras

    Hey I got the saw yesterday here in Michigan. Thanks for the extras you packed with it. Very thoughtful of you to include that Michigan Football t-shirt as part of padding. It will reside on the...
  17. Yes to this

    Problem is we have way to many unprofessional vendors and buyers in this industry... and what i mean is this.

    We have several buyers who think its acceptable to get screwed and use the old line...
  18. Will it be waiting for you in St. Louis?

    I got $5 that says it will be there in St. Louis waiting for you...with apologies. Try to ignore Shanes hand around the bacxk of their neck.

    Wicked Farmer
  19. take a number..

    Those who want this a few years from now take a number LOL.

    Wicked farmer
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    Got to look past the show...

    (I'm a buyer -not vendor) Don't promise what you can't deliver. Word spreads fast. Make a list of orders that has customer name, email address and phone number and tack it where you will see it...
  21. Try Poison Props

    Adam has won awards for sound. has a huge assortment of sounds on CD. He has werewolf props he makes so he might have what you are looking for. www.poisonprops.com

    Wicked Farmer
  22. Quoting larry

    -I got same treatment from a company I had bought some huge animatronics from to the tune of $16,000 one year, $8500 another year. Finally got hung out to dry one year with no prop, no info as to...
  23. Got one

    No longer need one. Got one coming. Relax Phatman...I still have the GOREiath you want to use.

    Wicked Farmer
  24. Well poop....er I mean clown shit.

    Our clown set up. (And we will not have any clowns for 2015 and probably not 2016) a 5 foot wide path through the corn. You turn a 90 degree corner and the path in front of you goes another 20 feet...
  25. "...I'm just saying the clown face you're using...

    "...I'm just saying the clown face you're using is very commonly used." -quoted above

    I do worse than that. We have Freddy, and Michael somewhere in the corn most years. Yes they are over used...
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