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  1. Here is what is available and some lower prices - need to move a few items - check it

    First and foremost email ALL questions to info@chambersoffear.com

    Here is what is left.... some good deals!!

    Item Asking Price
    Distortions Electric Chair $3,800
    Distortions Electric Chair...
  2. Its the Guardian gargoyle

  3. Items SOLD so far...

    These items have sold. There is still a ton of great items avail - get them while available.

    ----- SOLD ITEMS----

    Squeeze Room
    Psycho Air Blaster
    Rocking Granny
  4. Complete Haunted House Items FOR SALE - TONS OF STUFF!!

    Complete Haunted House FOR SALE

    All these were purchased NEW by me and have ran/run indoors in A/C controlled building - so no outdoor wear/tear, just normal use on these. I was trying to sell...
  5. We have begun the take-down of the attractions...

    We have begun the take-down of the attractions this last weekend. I have had several calls/emails on this, you should be able to fit everything in 3 semi-trailers, we will have it load ready here...
  6. Good find!

    :) Lol.. was wondering if anyone would catch that! Yes of course, this will be included with the sale.

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  7. More Photos

    I have uploaded 9 new photos, showing extra items that are available as part of the sale. There are shelves with tons of extra items, boxes of goodies, etc etc.
  8. Photos - Videos

    Here is a link to a bunch of photos and some video clips from Chambers of Fear.



    Paul Boyd
  9. More Photos, etc

    More Haunt photos 1950819509
  10. Some Photos


    Haunt Photos
  11. Complete Haunted House FOR SALE - PHOENIX, AZ!

    Haunted House FOR SALE = PHOENIX.

    My 5 year lease is up and golf pro is taking over our buildings, plus I was made an offer and accepted a position with one of the biggest haunt companies around...
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    We use http://www.cctvhotdeals.com/ and have great success. Great deals, and more importantly, GREAT support and service for their products. We currently have 36 cameras in Chambers alone and...
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    European Body Art Makeup

    Best stuff and the only stuff we use here in AZ! It's still 100+ degrees here in Sept when we open and this stuff lasts all night. It's not cheap, but well worth the investment!

    Paul Boyd...
  14. I love the Electric Chair!!

    Can you please post some pics so we can see the makeup and condition of the prop?


    Paul Boyd
  15. Hangmans House of Horrors - looks like they have one

    Hey Dan - looked at link for the Hangmans House Auction next weekend. I believe they have one, maybe reach out to them.
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    RIP Tom Godard

    RIP Tom Godard, very sad day.

    I am sure many of you know, remember Tom as well.

    I met Tom back in the early days of haunting at Transworld when he was working with Little Spider productions....
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    Love Pumpkinhead!!! Can't wait!

    I had one - very cool!!

  18. Program sounds good - details needed.

    Hi Larry,

    Yes the concept sounds great and could help out many haunts.

    My question - isn't this what the America Haunts group already does, everyone involved there throws in a big chunk of...
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    Good Food Close.... good finds!

    Not that they would EVER do/need a Groupon but Pappy's is a must stop for some amazing BBQ.

    Around the convention center:

    There was a little Bar that had March Oyster Fest going - Broadway...
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    Yes the screen still jumps up and down based on...

    Yes the screen still jumps up and down based on the changing of the banners running across the top of the screen. Also the New Reply button lower left part of screen does not work.

    Please fix -...
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    Yes please fix...

    Yep please fix...
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    There was a company right when you walked into...

    There was a company right when you walked into Transworld last year, first booth on your left side.


    Looks like booth #20 again this year.
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    Bad-Ass - great job Brainstorm Studios!!! As Always :)
  24. Statue SOLD, Re-Animator Still Available

    Olga Statue has been sold - Custom Mummy Re-Animator from Distortions is still available! MINT working condition - well cared for, indoor use only.

    Email me at info@chambersoffear.com

    Let get...
  25. Price change on Re-Animator

    Sorry, I went off the wholesale price for the Re-Animator Mummy prop, not what I paid, my sale price is actually $2950.

    Thanks - still contact me direct at info@chambersoffear.com
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