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  1. Hi Tanner, No one knows this, but I am...

    Hi Tanner,

    No one knows this, but I am actually Director of Product Marketing for Oracle. Haunting is my passion, but marketing pays for my passion. Here are my thoughts:

    ) What do you like...
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    Ozzie is barely making it

    Ozzie has not been in good health for quite some time. He requires a "Vitamin B" shot before every performance. We used to have a local doctor at every show to make sure he could perform. Before his...
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    Protect yourself!

    I echo the insurance. Especially if you are on someones personal property (you mentioned garage?). When I held an estate sale for my mothers stuff when we sold her house, I learned a quick and...
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    Asking myself the same thing

    Our last location had both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor took about 30 minutes, and was by far the most popular. The indoor was better for us (about 2500 sq ft) because it was sheltered, etc etc, but...
  5. Poor taste

    Yeah I agree. Apparently the home owner has a haunt, thus has all these props. However, I find it in poor taste (but I am biased). I too prefer the government not get involved but I find more and...
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    Know what you all mean

    We lost our building at the last minute this year, and ended up losing advertising dollars spent for the season and having to purchase shipping containers for storing the haunt until we find a new...
  7. Big T Productions is on the prowl - visiting haunts near you - hear is what we found

    First I sadly report we lost our lease and were forced to close this season. We are currently looking for a new location in NC closer to our base, and are hopeful to find something for next year. The...
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    Just getting a head

    Just thought I would share some of our newest props. My daughter is going to Beauty College and before they let them actually cut some poo1902219023190241902519022190231902419025r souls hair, they...
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    Don't need to touch

    Last year I got a call over the radio - a patron had touched one of the younger actors - in all the wrong places (I know its reversed but still the same issue). Turned out he only touched himself, in...
  10. Let's fix whats broken first

    Sounds interesting, but you haven't solved my advertising dilemma - despite calls and emails and even PMs. Larry, give me a call and if we can solve the simple advertising issue, I might be...
  11. Demographics + Business Plan = possibility of making a profit

    We have been running three years now, and have lost money every year. But I know why I have lost money every year, and believe it or not, it was part of my plan. Now we are moving to a larger...
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    I hate seeing this stuff

    As a gun owner this makes me sad. We need to educate kids and adults that guns are not for fooling around, and as several have posted already, you always treat a gun as if it was loaded. I always...
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    Wall warts

    You can buy AC wall warts for the GoPro so the battery should not be an issue, but the memory stick on the other hand .....

    I tried to setup the WiFi connection on one of my cameras but it just...
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    Its about more than income to salary ratios

    I am no financial wiz by any means, but I just completed a very comprehensive Business Plan for our business, including all the financials. The financials take into account a lot of different...
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    Tell us more Uncle Larry!

    This wouldn't be the same haunt that has these pictures going viral on Facebook would it? Looks like the same wall. I would love to know what system they are using, and what scare they are using.
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    Oh yeah

    Yep - anytime you replay recorded music there are copyright issues. You need to buy a license from ASCAP and BMI, and possibly SECAP for just the limited times your are open. Don't even think about...
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    Love the outdoors!

    We are also in the process of purchasing land for a new haunt location. We will be building both an indoor and an outdoor attraction. For the outdoor attraction, I plan on using small steel sheds...
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    I don't know how they sleep at night

    I don't know why I am constantly getting disappointed by things I purchase from Haunt vendors. There are many out there that are awesome, and I enjoy doing business with them. But for some reason...
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    The show must go on!

    We have only had to deal with this one night, and it was not really raining hard. My boy (who runs the outdoor haunt) was on the radio asking me what we should do, and when I saw the queue growing,...
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    Fav Cards and tickets

    We set up a booth at the local Farm Festival just prior to our season opening. We take a few characters to walk around the grounds all day, hand out Fav Cards. We get a pretty good response from...
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    Its the total experience!

    We put our focus on the total experience. From the time they get out of their car, the sounds fill their ears. Not any sounds, but carefully selected audio tracks that add to the total experience....
  22. Food works for us!

    We shoot for the food. I usually give them free tickets for their employees in exchange for feeding the actors. This works great and saves me a bunch of money (feeding these monsters is expensive!)....
  23. Thread: Headed east!

    by BigT

    Headed east!

    Another year draws to a close on HAA - and once again it was a great show.this was my wife's first year attending, as she has always been busy in the concert business.she was blown away, and is now...
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    More roaches!

    I love those little roaches! You will find those and fake spiders all over the Big T Productions workshop, and my office has them everywhere. Visitors always freak when they run across them!
  25. Who needs touching?

    We don't need to grab people. They are so freaked out by the time they get inside, all we have to do is appear and they scream, piss, puke, or faint (yes, all of these things have happened in our...
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