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Thread: Radio....good or bad or what?

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  1. Default Radio....good or bad or what? 
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    Dec 2008
    Longview, Texas
    Keegan posted this question in the other thread. I really do need some input. Maybe more people will see this question on this thread. Radio, in , out, what do you all think? Where should my money be spent? Help!!



    For the past two years Sue from Graystone Haunted Manor and I have been doing local radio ads. Dick does the voicing, I do the editing, and we air then with radio station packages in her area Longview/Tyler/East Texas.

    Is it worth it anymore? With the Internet radios like iheartradio, pandora, etc, I find it almost counter productive to spend huge wads of cash on radio ads that won't even really be heard by our target audience anymore, since the twenty-thirty somethings are now more plugged into the Internet than ever, I have a hard time believing that it's worth our money anymore.

    I'd almost rather spend that same amount of money on billboards along a major highway...

    Sue I'm sure will be watching this post, and I hope someone can give us some insight.



  2. Default radio 
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    Dec 2010
    Blacksburg, SC
    We have wondered the same thing. I started kind of taking an informal poll....people i work with, high school students, middle aged adults, etc. to determine what they listen to. I was surprised to know how little of them actually listen to public radio. I kept hearing Ipod, pandora, satellite, iphone, and ocassionally someone would say they listened to the morning show on their way to work on public radio.....but I for one still do listen to the radio. The only people who are still loyal to radio and newspapers are 40+ year olds who are generally not our target audience. So then I started noticing the people that I ride with that do listen to the radio will turn the channel to another station as soon as commercials come on to hear another song....which again defeats the purpose. I have no hard facts to give you though, I hope someone else chimes in on this discussion.

  3. Default Radio ? Sorry to say it wasn't effective. 
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    Sep 2003
    Mechanicsburg, PA
    Now, keep in mind, we're a convention and not a haunted attraction.
    However, I would imagine that the rules apply similarly.

    After talking to dozens of guests about our advertising:

    Our most popular (in no particular order)



    PODCASTS (certain ones)

    FLYERS (ones in the shape of a door hanger)

    CERTAIN MAGAZINE ADS (some magazines work awesome, others didn't)

    Our least popular (some of them not even being picked ONCE!! in the survey.)

    RADIO (Our radio ads even included FLASH MOB advertising for free tickets!! NOT EFFECTIVE !!!)

    FLYERS 8"x11" with coupons (Different type of flyers, distributed at other conventions and select HOT TOPIC stores)

    PENNYSAVER NEWSPAPER ADS (you know, the local free newspaper that you pick up at restaurants.)
    These newspaper ads were coupons

    OTHER CERTAIN MAGAZINE ADS (some magazines work awesome, others didn't)
    Attached Images
    Michael Bruner

    The National Haunters Convention - OVER 100 vendor booths!
    Valley Forge, PA

    The Cadavers Cotillion

    Get behind the scenes tours to the best haunted attractions!


  4. Default radio? 
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    Jul 2008
    I own both a haunt and a radio station, so my ads on my station are free lol. I will say that it would be good to get some on the pop and or rock station. Try to work a trade-out for them to give away tickets, it may not cost you anything. Studies show that local radio is strong as ever, but I can tell you that back when I was just a dj on pop radio, 80s/90s, kids knew and were fans of the dj's, now all the kids I talk to are getting music from anywhere but radio and have no idea who any of the djs are. I own a talk station, so not really in the demo as it caters to the 25-54 year old male. Good for me is that I feel music radio is dying, as the kids want to pick the songs they hear and it is as easy as downloading songs to their phone, look around and see how many have earbuds in. But adults will tune into talk radio and local programming, kids just don't care for the most part. We will see if they grow into talk radio lol.

    btw I also hear from kids that facebook is uncool now and they are all about Twitter, but it's all free, so I will use all the social media I can, just cost a little time. hope this rambling helps.

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