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Thread: Looking for suggestions

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  1. Default Looking for suggestions 
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    Jan 2014
    We are considering selling shirts to both our customers and at a discount to our actors. Has anyone else tried this and how successful were you. Also where is the best place to get custom shirts made?

  2. Default Be modest... 
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    Dec 2008
    Aberdeen, MD
    We sell shirts to our customers for 2.5x cost. We sell t-shirts to our actors at cost. I also do a huge custom order w/ my actors around Oct 10th weekend - anything they want, they pay cash and I give it to them at my cost (include. shipping). Lately I have sold 1 color designs on bright colored shirts like crazy.
    Patrick Barberry

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    Feb 2009
    Brilliant Ohio
    same as above. I've used ooshirts.com. Great prices and free shipping. Customer pays full price and I'd go 50/50 with the staff at cost. I gave them t-shirts last year and sweatshirts at cost
    Like a midget at a urinal, you gotta be on your toes


  4. Default We once had a shirt problem 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    We would order the shirts, he would print our design on maybe three or four different colors of shirts because that was all he happened to have. The problem with this was a customer would see a certain color of shirt and ask for "That one", and we didn't have that one and if we were trying to stock the entire rainbow, it would have driven us totally crazy!
    The same guy began an on-line shirt business, I know of some haunts that he did their shirts because I happened to see your shirts before they were boxed and mailed.
    He was cheaper than everyone Else. I drove the 25 miles to his business to order our shirts on his on-line "Deal" and he refused me that same deal that he was giving to everyone else!? WTF? I was saving him the drive time or postage too.
    We never got even with him, every order was short or had some shirts messed up some how and he always promised to make it "Good" nexttime", but next time would mostly be the same thing all over again.
    THE last time we were there he told us what wonderfull things he could do color-wise, we spent a ton of time there as he began to educate himself on what he could not do, shirt-design/color wise. Duh?
    His small storefront was piled to the tall old ceiling with boxes of shirts with only very narrow paths to be able to even go from one end of the building to the other, which got him in trouble since he did have maybe 6 to 8 employees trying to fight the Maze!
    He moved to another location but we never found him, maybe he really didn't want us to find him again, just on-line customers?
    OH, well?
    Then some friends told their new friends where to get their silk-screened shirts done for their River canoe team. The shirts looked very nice , unless you got them "Wet"!, Then the pretty green ink would run and pool in the river itself! OOPS!" That person and shop was many miles away, not the sameguy previously referred to.
    Good luck!

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