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Thread: Unique advertising?

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  1. Default Unique advertising? 
    Join Date
    Mar 2010
    East Haven, Connecticut, United States
    So today I received info on marketing on the tv screens at the CT DMV......actually, it doesn't seem like a terrible idea.

    What other odd places have you guys advertised in that worked out well or are just story worthy?

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    Oct 2011
    West Michigan
    One year, we sent all the area high schools tickets (10-25 each) to be given out to "star students" or other deserving students (economically disadvantaged, etc). What we ended up with is very few tickets were used (except for 1 particular district) and most of the other districts seemed to be snatched up by staff instead. That was the last time we tried that.
    Chad Portenga

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    Feb 2010
    S Wisconsin
    one of the guys from ours is sold on the ad's that are in the bathrooms, above the urinal. He thinks those are great, me, not so much. most are in bars, not the right age range.
    We also give out free tickets, for many years they were not used, last couple years getting many back. I think that people are just giving them to friends, not the people that are supposed to get them

  4. Default EWverything has changed in advertising 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    What used to work is about a zero anymore. Just still expensive!
    One thing that did work here for many years were Bus Stop bench ads. I only had one, right at the edge of the one Missiisssipi River bridge 25 miles from my haunt. People HAD to see it as they began to cross the bridge and they did!
    The sign owner and I finished erecting the sign, I drove straight home and was followed by people who had just seen the sign!
    The owner of the sign business had 60 bench signs all over Clinton, Iowa, but some of them were on one-way streets, pointing the wrong way! No thanks.
    When highway work near the sign called for removing my sign for 3 months, the sign Co. guy thought I should still be paying him every one of those missing months for his sign!? ($37.00 a mon.) I said, "No!" Not long afterwards the city council discovered that his contract with them had not been renued for 10 years! He and his signs were out, a city council member got the new contract.
    The sign had stopped "working" by then, so I passed.

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