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Thread: The Four Seasons of the Haunt World Forums

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  1. Default The Four Seasons of the Haunt World Forums 
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    Jul 2012
    Mount Pleasant, MI
    *I wrote this because of some trends I've noticed. Please don't take it too seriously. I personally have participated in at least 80% of the activity I lampoon below. I tease because I love!



    - For a two-week period immediately following Halloween there is a happy lull… Immediately followed by:

    - People start posting about upcoming haunt conventions... Comparisons are made, everyone defends their favorite convention while attacking the others, feelings are hurt.

    - A newbie writes a post asking how to finance a haunt.

    - Jim W. posts some strange but funny comments about snowmen.

    - Someone sings the praises of Allen H.

    - Someone writes an article or post that annoys Larry K.


    - The forums basically become a middle-aged Facebook, where people post hourly updates about which convention they're attending, where they'll be staying, and where they'll be drinking. The posts look almost identical to forums about upcoming college Spring Break, except instead of packing swimsuits, people are packing skull masks.

    - 2/3 of the forum's users are bored to tears, because they won't be attending any conventions this year. The reasons for their non-attendance are one of the following:
    A) They can't afford it
    B) They can't get the time off of work
    C) Their mom's won't let them travel alone (but they pretend it's A or B)

    - A newbie writes a post asking how to find a location to start a haunt.

    - Jim W. posts some strange but funny comments about pollination.

    - Someone sings the praises of Allen H.

    - Someone writes an article or post that annoys Larry K.


    - The conventions are over, so various people write in-depth (but completely biased) "reports" about the convention they attended. More feelings are hurt.

    - Haunt owners start to complain about late or missing shipments from vendors.

    - A newbie writes a post detailing their "master plan" for their new haunt. The only things in the "plan" are descriptions of room themes, and a lengthy (but completely derivative) backstory.

    - Tater will write a terribly offensive post as Granny, but no one will complain because Granny is not meant to be taken seriously. Unless it's a post about fog. Granny is deadly serious about fog.

    - Jim W. posts some strange but funny comments about bikinis.

    - Someone sings the praises of Allen H.

    - Someone writes an article or post that annoys Larry K.


    - The total amount of posts decrease to due people actually spending time working on their haunts instead of haunting the forums.

    - Haunted Overload posts "build photos" of their newest massive wooden structures. They make most other haunts look like they're miniatures made of paper mache.

    - Haunt owners start making threats regarding their missing shipments from vendors. Many hateful voice-mails are left. Vendors don't hear them because they stopped checking their phones in late July.

    - A newbie writes a post in early September asking if it's too late to get a new haunt constructed by October.

    - Jim W. posts some strange but funny comments about apple cider.

    - Someone sings the praises of Allen H.

    - Someone writes an article or post that annoys Larry K
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    You put a lot of thought into that...

    Let me take a stab

    Winter: You have a lot of holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and then recovering from the season. Most haunts don't work on their haunts in the winter as most are not in year around locations or they simply wait for the haunt show prior to doing anything. People talk about the show coming up.

    Spring: People show lots of photos of the show, talk about the post-show best of to looking for the next thing they need to build their haunt.

    Summer: People post a lot of photos of them building their haunts, vendors talk about last minute deals and as always people are looking for information

    Fall: Talk about how the season is going and then how the season ended up.

    People now spend a lot of time posting and updating their social media pages like the new one instagram there is just so much information out there now its not even funny.


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    Mar 2012
    Hey Dark,

    Funny & Brilliant!


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    Oct 2007
    That's great Tiki and so right! You left out the dozens upon dozens upon dozens of Darkness and Insane Shane party updates.
    But to be honest, without them, it'd be like tumbleweeds on this forum anymore.


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    Jul 2012
    Mount Pleasant, MI
    That list was just a few thoughts that were rattling around my brain... I actually tried to delete the thread after I first posted it, because it didn't read as funny as I thought it was when I was writing it, but I couldn't figure out how to kill it, ha ha! For the record, I love the Haunt World forums and magazine, and I think they are packed full of great information for haunters. I also respect all the haunters and haunt I mentioned by name. I mentioned them, because they made some kind of impact on me.
    Last edited by Dark Tiki Studios; 01-06-2014 at 01:15 AM.

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    Mar 2010
    Yeah Dark Tiki don't do a thing to that post! It made me laugh, and we can all see that it wasn't malicious, although I'm surprised "someone asks a question on this forum that could've been found in the search bar and everyone attacks them until they no longer care about haunting or this forum" lol. I do wish Jim W would find his way back to these forums a little more often... His rants made me laugh and scratch my head on an almost daily basis.

  8. Default Love it!!! 
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    Feb 2008
    Simply love it lol great job and thought! Shane and it's you missed the newbie asking why I end my lost like this!

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