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Thread: Transworld Press Release

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  1. Default Transworld Press Release 
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    Oct 2005
    For Immediate Release - July 1, 2008

    TransWorld Exhibits, Inc. Moves 14th National Haunt & Attractions Show
    to the America’s Center in St. Louis
    New Venue Selected in Response to Growth of Haunt Industry

    (Northfield, IL) – In an exciting move, TransWorld Exhibits, Inc. announced its decision to move the 14th National Haunt & Attractions Show (HauntShow) to St. Louis, Missouri, at the America’s Center, March 27 – 29, 2009.

    Previously held in conjunction with TransWorld’s International Halloween, Costume & Party Show (HCPShow), the HauntShow will stand on its own in St. Louis, Missouri, giving the buyers and vendors of the Haunt community convenient access to the industry’s #1 trade show in a business environment created just for them.

    “After extensive market research and input from vendors and buyers alike, we decided to spin-off the 14th National Haunt & Attractions Show and have it stand alone in a Midwest location that is central to the greatest number of participants in this industry,” said Joe Thaler, chairman and chief executive officer of TransWorld Exhibits, Inc., owner of the show. “The Haunt industry continues to grow with advances in special effects, animatronics, sound & lighting, and props. More and more, these products are used in venues on a year-round basis whether it is in a theme park, theatrical production or a haunted house. This growth within the industry demands a stand-alone trade show dedicated solely to the Haunt industry,” Thaler continued. “St. Louis is the perfect gateway to a marketplace where the Haunt community can come together.”

    The complete schedule of activities for the 14th National Haunt & Attractions Show in St. Louis will be announced in the coming weeks. Highlights of the show will include:

    • New product introductions from the industry’s leading companies
    • Extensive seminar programming
    • Networking events and competitions
    • Special events and tours, and much more

    The TransWorld International Halloween, Costume & Party Show will continue to host a Haunt Pavilion as Haunt products are also fundamental to the celebration of the Halloween season and the buyer of Halloween and
    seasonal merchandise. The HCPShow will take place March 6 – 9, 2009 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas.

    Special exhibit packages are available for exhibitors that wish to participate in both the St. Louis and Las Vegas events.

    For more than 60 years, TransWorld Exhibits has been a leading producer of independent trade shows. The business, which had its roots in the housewares and consumer electronics industry, has over the years expanded its offerings to include general merchandise, Halloween merchandise, giftware, seasonal items, luxury merchandise, jewelry, fashion and accessories. The firm runs trade shows in Chicago, Las Vegas, and St. Louis.

    For more information on attending or exhibiting, please call 800-323-5462 or 847-446-8434 for international calls. Information is also available at www.hauntshow.com and www.hcpshow.com.

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    Jan 2005
    Green Bay, WI
    "After extensive market research" - AKA: Phone calls to Larry

    "• New product introductions from the industry’s leading companies
    • Extensive seminar programming
    • Networking events and competitions
    • Special events and tours, and much more"

    -So how is this show any different from MHC or Hauntcon besides the date and location? Wasn't the point of this change to be a haunt buyer/seller show without all the jazzy extras? Looks like its pretty much the same to me.

    If we really want to ban together as a haunt community we will boycott the Transworld show, let them fold and focus all our attention to MHC and make that the show to attend!
    Sean De Wane
    The De Wane Asylum

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    Jan 2007
    Thanks for posting this info. But I do not want to go 2 shows even though I buy from both sides. It was convienent as 1 show.

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    Feb 2004
    Mexico, Missouri, United States
    Wow Im hoping this for real! I cant wait! Great job Larry!
    Damon Carson

  5. Default Sean 
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    Feb 2008
    You said it all. But then again its really no surprise!!!! Well I told Barry that Dabbs Productions and Graystone Manor would pay to be a sponcer for the 2009 MHC show! So I am off to Texas for the Halloween show and then to Ohio for the Haunt Show. Transworld and Larry will be a good team together! When it folds they can blame each other!!! The only thing that made TransWorld great to me was the only Halloween/Haunt show out there! So now they have nothing to offer me anyway. Larry no hard feelings I just hope everything you have told all your followers is true because they won't blame TransWorld they are going to blame YOU! Also DO NOT RIP THESE PEOPLE OFF TO SEE YOUR HAUNT!! Charge what you would normally charge at Halloween! Larry, TransWorld I wish you both all th best! Sean count me in on the boycott I think Paul and some others will join in too! Larry nothing really to you but TransWorld just nailed the last nail in their coffin! Tim thanks for the info! Shane
    Last edited by graystone; 07-01-2008 at 04:21 PM.

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    Jun 2008
    Sorry but it doesn't matter where the show is the fact it is going to be two shows it is going to fail. Vendors will get half the people seeing their items if they only attend one show. If they decide to do both the cost obviously just doubled.

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    Apr 2008
    St. Louis, MO
    From what I understand, there was NO DECISION made to break the 2 entities apart. The retail costumers broke themselves apart when they decided to start up their own show in Houston and NOT invite us along. The retail costume vendors never ever seemed to like us from the start...remember.?.?

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    Aug 2003
    Clinton TWP, MI
    Sounds good to me. Let's just hope this location stays and is final. I don't want to come on here next week and read that Transworld is back in Vegas for 2009.
    ~Bill Mlinac
    The Deadland Haunted House

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    Aug 2003
    Lexington, Ky.
    About time!!! See you all in St. Louis! -Tyler

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    Nov 2003
    Davison, Michigan
    The show will be fine. If the vendors are there the buyers will be there. No one is going to ban together and boycott, that would be stupid and gain nobody anything. We should welcome a haunt only show that we can all help make huge and don't come back and say we should just support MHC because I am sure that show is really good but it doesn't look like they are interested in moving it up and June-July is too late to have the only haunt show. We should support this move because it is the right thing to do for our industry.
    Jared Layman

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