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Thread: Fright Dome

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  1. Default Fright Dome 
    Join Date
    Feb 2009
    Lewisville, TX
    Does anyone know if Fright Dome Studios in Las Vegas is still open?

  2. Default  
    Join Date
    Oct 2007
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Since they only run in October, we may not know for a while.
    -Brandon Kelm
    Operations Manager & Technical Director

    We're headlining the HauntCon 2012 tour! We hope to see you there!

    A big thanks to all of those who came out to visit us on the '09 MHC Pre-Con Tour!


  3. Default  
    Join Date
    Feb 2009
    Lewisville, TX
    Fright Dome Studios sale props also. There listed on the Transworld vendors list. But non of there #s are working.
    Just wanted to know if anyone knows them or knows how to get in touch with them.
    Im hopping to order some of there props.

  4. Default Frightdome and Frightdome Studios 
    Join Date
    May 2009
    Frightdome Studios will make custom orders throughout the year.
    Please contact jason@frightdomestudios.com for questions / info.
    Also, we will reopen Fright Dome this year on Friday, October 2nd 2009.
    See www.frightdome.com for upcoming details.
    Thanks, and see you in the haunt season.
    - Kannibal
    Production Manager
    Fright Dome
    Las Vegas, NV
    Last edited by happiKannibal; 06-05-2009 at 06:28 PM.

  5. Default  
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    May 2007
    Columbia, SC
    FORGOT THE "t" in fright...


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